Sergeev Studio

Advertising. A selection of works completed for
clients in the advertising field.
Personal. A selection of personal and
experimental pieces.
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Conceptual photographer with 17 years
of experience in advertising, high-end
retouching and commercial image
production. Award winning fine art and
digital artist.


At Sergeev Studio we think.
We do quite a great deal of thinking.
Actually, thinking is something we never stop doing. 
We keep on thinking from the very first moment we are given a certain task, rught up to the last second of the final product's presentation. 
We keep on thinking through the whole process of choosing a particular direction of developing the photographic images.
We keep on thinking about how these would serve the purpose of our clients and further on, about how these would contribute to their success and development.
We keep of thinking how these would affect their customer's taste and preference.
Still, at some point we do stop thinking.
This is when we get down to execution. 
And right after that, we start thinking again.